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Taxi Etiquette

The saying goes that you catch more flies with honey. Politeness can go a long way in making your next taxi ride more enjoyable. Much like anything else, there is an etiquette to be followed when taking a ride in a taxi and we have compiled the most important.

Riding in a Car with a Driver

  • Have Patience- No one can control traffic, least of all your driver. If you found yourself stuck in traffic, sit back and remind yourself there is nothing to be done but wait it out.
  • Be Polite- If your driver is playing music too loudly or suggests a route different from one you prefer, speak up but be polite. Your taxi is a place of business and your driver may like to listen to music or has a reason for taking a different route. More than likely they’ll accommodate you.
  • Tipping- No matter where you hail a taxi, tipping is a given. A proper tip would range anywhere from 10-20%.

Olathe Taxi Service

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